2019 Spam

Don Drehoff with Frank Mejia, 2019 SPAM Champion !!!

Don Drehoff congratulates 2019 SPAM Champion Frank Mejia

The 2019 Spam — A Story to Tell Our Children and Our Children’s Children …

We will tell stories to our children and our children’s children …

“Father, tell us about the man that landed on the moon …

“Pop, tell us what happened when the Berlin Wall came down …”

“Granddad, tell us why our youngest sibling looks like the mailman …”

And now … “Tell us about the great Frank Mejia …”

Ah. The great Frank Mejia. Born to an itinerate farmer in Puerto Rico. Raised harvesting the sugar cane. Toiled in the local spice factory, picking fly poop out of pepper while wearing boxing gloves.

Then one day — was it boredom?, was it fate?, was it destiny? — he fashioned the golf club he could not afford, attaching a conch shell to the end of a sugar cane stalk …

Well, that’s where the story we know begins.

From there to local caddy. From there to local club champion. From there to America, stowing away on a Pan Am jet — and to this day, he still claims he was actually employed by that airline of yesteryear.

From there to the BGA. From there to BGA major champion. From there to the Godfather of the BGA.

Still, there was something missing. Something food could not fill. Something drink could not quench. Something doctors could not cure. Something women could not soothe by saying, “that’s ok, Frank, I know your tired and had a long day, we can try again tomorrow …”

The Spam. Frank had never won the Spam. Frank’s only blemish on the greatest of BGA careers. He had not won the Grand Slam.

Until Sunday, June 23rd, 2019 … when he sunk a 15 foot putt on the final hole to make par … to win the last six holes for 18 points … to finish with 34 points … to win the 2019 Spam and complete the career Grand Slam.

Oh, I know where I was. In the group behind, watching the pandemonium on 18 from the fairway, knowing that grabbing five of the last six holes myself would not be enough (27.5 points).

Oh, I know where Mark Chester was. In the final group, finally not having to be “Buddha” to Don’s on-course histrionics through the first 48 holes … but folding like a cheap suit down the stretch, unable to pull off what would have been his 4th Spam title and first in nearly 20 years (22.25 points).

Oh, I know where Tommy Nelson was. In the final group., thinking “could this be my first major?,” only to have his hopes dashed by the surging Spaniard (17.25 points).

Oh, I know where Matt Schwam was. All alone in third place entering the final round, only to be frustrated over the last 18 holes, having to listen to Don belly-ache and complain (12.5 points).

Oh, I know where Pat Keough was. Playing, grinding, sweating, spoiling, solid off the tee, taking just enough points from everyone else to contribute to the miraculous (9.25 points).

Oh, I know where Leon Anderson was. Looking back at everyone from the fairway, almost every drive, longest in the field … but could not make a putt. Could Not Make A Putt :-(8.25 points).

Oh, I know where Chuck Petrilla was. Praying to the porcelain gods, not only for better health, but a Frank Mejia victory, too (hope you are felling better, Chuck).

But all of us were there — not only to watch history in the making — but the making of history, too (isn’t that saying the same thing?)

Anyhow, another story to tell our children and our children’s children: we were there when Frank Mejia won his first Spam to complete the career Grand Slam. Congrats!!!

2019 Kohler

Andy Elkins Wins the 2019 Kohler!

Andy Elkins - 2019 BGA Kohler Champion. Don Drehoff, Tournament coordinator at right.

Andy Elkins, 2019 BGA Kohler Champion. Don Drehoff, Tournament coordinator at right.

The entire weekend … was like a great Frank Sinatra album:

I Remember Tommy (Sinatra, 1961)

Three original BGA members — Don, Frank and Mark — spent Friday with the fourth founding member, Tom Clement, enjoying golf together for the first time in probably a decade. The Kohler weekend officially started with an 18 hole Captain’s Choice match, Army (Frank and Tom) versus Navy (Mark and Don). Navy was hoping to repeat and win, like the match from ten years earlier, but it was not to be. If we had forgotten Tommy and his clutch putting, we remembered Tommy when he holed an impossible 25 foot putt from off the green (that damn Tuttle 2) on hole number 6 — to take a lead that Army never relinquished.

Unexpected sleet and hail forced an early adjournment … with Army declared the winner, 2 up.

September Of My Years (Sinatra, 1965)

These same Four Horsemen then shared the first Kohler Champions Dinner at Don’s house (Broughman, Harris and Ruppel were unavailable). Wine, steaks, wine, veggies, wine, dessert … did I say wine? Then we reviewed together the 25 years of the BGA, match by match, story by story, embellishing one after another … from what we could or tried to remember. Truly we are in the September of our years. However, it might actually be October or November for Mark … as he was unable to recall a single detail from ANY of his four BGA major victories.

And can someone tell us … what in the world ever happened to Larry von Arx?!?!?! (who won The Spam in 2013)

Swing Easy! (Sinatra, 1954)

I mean, that’s what they tell you to do, when you’re hitting your first tee shot into a 20 mph wind, right? Well … some did … and some did not. Good swings and scoring were hard to come by during the first round on Saturday at Queenstown Lakes; however, a few players managed the elements and their bogey’ness well enough to score well and get into the final group for Sunday — Elkins, Hoff, Chester and Mejia. They were followed by a true bogey round by Solis, Nelson, Scott and Clement … then by Keough, Cummings, Kuhlmann and Drehoff, who gave bogey golfers a bad name that day.

Went straight to dinner, eating wonderful Maryland seafood, drinking wonderful cold beer, in a perfectly local restaurant overlooking the calm and chilly Chesapeake Bay. Then “home” to the “Chester Cottage,” right on property at the Queenstown Harbor Golf Course. Excellent accommodations, right?

In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (Sinatra, 1955)

Or at least it used to be that way. Back in the day, we played 36 a day and stayed up to well past midnight. Saturday night (afternoon?), the first guy announced “I’m going to bed” at 9pm … the next at 9:30pm … two more at 10pm.

However, we were able to celebrate the first round, along with two timely and heartfelt nomination ideas from Tom. First, renaming the Wellman/Dos Equis after the late Dale Lay (unanimous) … and the second, naming Frank Mejia as the first member of the BGA Hall of Fame (again, unanimous … but Mark and Don thought they were already “in” 🙂

That’s Life (Sinatra, 1966)

I did not have the privilege of playing in the final group … but by all accounts from the players themselves and several thousand spectators who were following the leaders … it was a major for the ages.

Andy and Bob were tied at 20 points starting the day, followed by Frank with 15 and Mark with 12. Chester started with three pars on the first three holes to truly get back into the mix … Frank scored well, too … and with Andy and Bob trading identical front nine scores, the match drew ever tighter.

As the back nine wore on, with Andy and Bob played steady and well. But Mark parred three holes over a four hole stretch … then Frank birdied two holes in a row … and all four players arrived at the 18th hole where mathematically, ANY ONE OF THEM could have won the championship!

A Man Alone (Sinatra, 1969)

The final hole on Queenstown River is a brute: a 567 yard par five from the blues, shortened by 100 yards on Sunday because of the cold and breezy conditions, but still with two forced carries over environmental areas and a narrow green, Sunday back pin, and fronted by a cavernous bunker.

Chester made par to finish with 33 modified Stableford points — and would have at least tied for the lead to force a playoff — if the other three made triple. Frank made double to finish with 34 points. Bob scored strong with a solid bogey and 36 points. And Andy was wobbly off the tee, found the penalty area on two, stumbled and bumbled from there to the green … and had a four footer to save double bogey to win.

Before the ending, first, a word. Both are former BGA Rookies of the Year, having shined in previous Dos Equis Challenges. Bobby bombs and is the prototypical player every BGA’er wants to be … hit it long, get it to the green, chip/putt to get your 4 or 5. Andy, the youngest of the new BGA players, is more crisp on his irons, can putt like a fiend, and is quite exaggerated when stating his handicap 🙂

Both players acknowledged the final round and final hole pressures of playing for history … and a toilet seat trophy that no one will sit on … for a tournament that Queenstown Harbor forgot to put the right names on the carts and had to be reminded to construct the closest to the pin markers.

And both men acknowledged the life-changing importance of winning their first major, this, in the 25th anniversary year of the BGA.

And both men knew that only one would win.

Elkins made the four-footer.

A man alone.

Past, Present, Future (Sinatra, 1980)

I shed a tear of happiness when I think back over these past 25 years of the BGA: seeing Frank get off the boat from Cuba, with nothing but a makeshift 7 iron, the shaft made out of sugar cane, wearing nothing but the Bugle Boy clothes on his back. Or when Tom had more testosterone and would not concede two inch putts to anyone (or know the names of these anyones). Or when Mark used to hit these big banana left to right slices off the tee (ok, he still does that today). Or when Steve was elected to the Cart Girls Hall of Fame (first ballot, unanimous). Or when Dietrich promised to get us all a 1% home equity line of credit if he ever left being an Navy Admiral to go work for NFCU.

To the present today. Great guys added through the years — Bob, Al, Tom, Pat. Great guy added this weekend — Terry.

And to the future of the BGA — congratulations to Andy Elkins, winner of the 2019 Kohler, the first major of 2019, this in the 25th anniversary year of the BGA.

We are in good hands.

No One Cares (Sinatra, 1959)

The scores (top 12 finishers receive a one-year exemption for having to qualify for the next four majors and an automatic invitation to this year’s Lay event) :

Sunday, March 24th — Final Results, Queenstown Harbor Golf Club, Queenstown, MD

1. Andy Elkins 37
2. Bob Hoff 36
3. Frank Mejia 34
4. Mark Chester 33
5. Tom Clement 24
6. Steve Scott 17
7. Don Drehoff 13
8. Al Solis 6
9. Tom Nelson -4
10. Dietrich Kuhlmann -8
11. Pat Keough -12
12. Terry Cummings -20

The 2019 Kohler Group Photo

The 2019 Kohler Group – From left to right, Tom Nelson, Al Solis, Don Drehoff, Steve Scott, Andy Elkins (seated), Mark Chester, Dietrich Kulmann, Bob Hoff, Frank Mejia, Tom Clement

2018 Dos Equis Cup Challenge

BGA veterans Frank Mejia and Jim Frenette captained two 8-man teams in a Ryder Cup format (match play) over the weekend of Friday, October 12, Saturday October 13th and Sunday, October 14th at The Bridges in Abbottstown, PA. The teams are titled “Tango” for the Mejia team and “Alpha” for the Frenette team.


Friday Afternoon – Four Ball
Tango Alpha
Mark Chester
Chuck Petrilla
2 & 1 – $30 split
Leon Anderson
Matt Schwam
Andy Elkins
Pat Keough
4 & 3 – $30 split
Scott Lacey
Greg Robinson
Frank Mejia
Eduardo Urrutia
2 & 1 – $30 split
Jim Frenette
Al Solis
Tom Nelson
Matt Clary
Bob Hoff
Don Drehoff
9 & 7 – $30 split
3 Points 1 Point
Saturday AM – Captains Choice
Frank Mejia
Matt Clary
Bob Hoff
Scott Lacey
1 up – $30 split
Mark Chester
Pat Keough
Jim Frenette
Matt Schwam
3 & 2 – $30 split
Eduardo Urrutia
Chuck Petrilla
Leon Anderson
Greg Robinson
6 & 5 – $30 split
Andy Elkins
Tom Nelson
3 & 2 – $30 split
Al Solis
Don Drehoff
4 Points 4 Points
Saturday PM – Alternate Shot
Frank Mejia
Chuck Petrilla
$15 split
Bob Hoff
Greg Robinson
$15 split
Mark Chester
Andy Elkins
1 up – $30 split
Jim Frenette
Matt Schwam
Eduardo Urrutia
Matt Clary
Leon Anderson
Don Drehoff
6 & 5 – $30 split
Tom Nelson
Pat Keough
4 & 2 – $30 split
Al Solis
Scott Lacey
6.5 Points 5.5 Points
Sunday – Single Matches
Frank Mejia Jim Frenette
4 & 3 – $20
Mark Chester
2 & 1 – $20
Don Drehoff
Tom Nelson Leon Anderson
4 & 3 – $20
Eduardo Urrutia
Al Solis
Andy Elkins
1 up – $20
Bob Hoff
Chuck Petrilla
3 & 2 – $20
Scott Lacey
Matt Clary Matt Schwam
1 up – $20
Pat Keough
Greg Robinson
10.5 Points 9.5 Points
Frank’s Team Tango Wins the Dos Equis Cup!

Closest to the Pin

4 nobody
7 Andy Elkins $15
11 Don Drehoff $15
16 Andy Elkins $15
Saturday AM
4 Don Drehoff $15
7 Don Drehoff $15
11 Leon Anderson $15
16 Tom Nelson $15
4 Matt Clary $15
7 Mark Chester $15
11 Mark Chester $15
16 Mark Chester $15

Andy Elkins – MVP

With a 4 – 0 record, 2 closest to the pins and 2 chip-ins. The 2nd chip-in was on hole 15 in Alternate shot Saturday short sided down hill lie in the rough to win the hole. Andy Elkins is your 2018 Dos Equis XX Cup MVP.

  • IMG_20181014_150126
  • IMG_20181014_150058
  • IMG_20181014_150021
  • IMG_20181014_145944
  • IMG_20181014_090408
  • IMG_20181013_211603
  • IMG_20181013_142133
  • 1539542705728

2018 BGA Dos Equis Cup Teams Announced

Teams are set for the Dos Equis XX Cup. Jim Frenette’s "Team Alpha" vs. Frank Mejia’s "Team Tango" to be contested at The Bridges Golf Club, Friday October 12th – Sunday October 14th. Jim’s team has won the last two Cups while Frank’s team is looking to rebound to it’s 2015 form and get the Cup back.

Team Alpha

1. Jim Frenette (Captain)
2. Leon Anderson
3. Bob Hoff
4. Al Solis
5. Don Drehoff
6. Matt Schwam
7. Scott Lacey
8. Greg Robinson (FNG)

Team Tango

1. Frank Mejia (Captain)
2. Mark Chester
3. Andy Elkins (FNG)
4. Eduardo Urrutia
5. Tom Nelson
6. Chuck Petrilla
7. Matt Clary
8. Pat Keough

"you want more of the good things in life, then stay thirsty my friends"

Dos Equis Cup Results

There have been 5 Dos Equis Cups in The History of The BGA

Jim Frenette’s Team Frank Mejia’s Team

9 points – Retains Cup 6 points

13 points – Wins Cup 6 points
11 points
14 points – Wins Cup

8 points – Wins Cup 7 points
9 ½ points
10 ½ points – Wins Cup

2018 Water Can Classic

Frank Mejia Wins the Water Can Classic!

Water Can Classic Championship Trophy Presentation

Defending Champion Al Solis presents the coveted Water Can Trophy to Frank Mejia – 2018 BGA Water Can Classic Champion

BGA Godfather Frank Mejia back in the winners circle for his 9th title, and 2nd Water Can Classic Championship.

Due to heavy rain last weekend, we were able to reschedule this event to June 9th and 10th without any conflicts.

Modified Stableford scoring as follows, Par: 1 point, Birdie: 3 points, Eagle: 5 points, Bogey: 0, Double Bogey: -1 point, Triple Bogey: -2 points.

Sunday, June 10th — Final Round, Oak Creek Golf Club, Upper Marlboro, MD

Sun Total
1. Frank Mejia +4 +9
2. Jim Frenette +2 +6
Leon Anderson -3 +6
4. Bob Hoff -1 -6
5. Tom Nelson -6 -7
6. Al Solis -9 -10
7. Matt Schwam -7 -22
8. Chuck Petrilla -13 -23

Saturday, June 9th — First Round, Hampshire Greens, Silver Spring, MD

1. Leon Anderson +9    
2. Frank Mejia +5
3. Jim Frenette +4
4. Tom Nelson -1
Al Solis -1
6. Bob Hoff -5
7. Chuck Petrilla -10
8. Matt Schwam -15

Prize Fund Distribution


1st place & BGA Champion
  • Frank Mejia $50

Jim Frenette and Leon Anderson tied for 2nd place, they split 2nd ($30) and 3rd ($20) for $25 each.

Par 3 closest to the pin
$20 each
For this event, making par or better not required since this only CTP, and not a greeny contest.
If no green hit by all 8 players, the money for that hole will be paid back to each player ($2.50)

Closest to the Pin – Oak Creek
  • 6 Frank Mejia $20
  • 8 Bob Hoff $20
  • 11 Frank Mejia $20
  • 13 Tom Nelson $20
  • 15 Frank Mejia $20
Points leader round 2
  • Frank Mejia $20
Closest to the Pin – Hampshire Greens
  • 4 Al Solis $20
  • 8 Bob Hoff $20
  • 11 Tom Nelson $20
  • 14 Frank Mejia $20
Points leader round 1
  • Leon Anderson $20

The 2018 Water Can Players after the round on the balcony at Oak Creek Golf Club

The 2018 Water Can Players after the round on the balcony at Oak Creek Golf Club – From left to right, Tom Nelson, Chuck Petrilla, Leon Anderson, Jim Frenette, Bob Hoff, Matt Schwam, Frank Mejia, Al Solis

  • IMG_20180609_134503
  • IMG_20180610_145119
  • IMG_20180610_145213

2017 Mulligan Memorial

Leon Anderson Wins the Mulligan!

Leon Anderson is your 2017 Mulligan Champion !!!

Leon Anderson, pictured above with his Mulligan trophy and BGA tournament coordinator Jim Frenette. This is Leon’s first BGA Championship victory!

Sunday, November 5th — Final Round, Whiskey Creek Golf Club, Ijamsville, Maryland

The final round foursomes were as follows: First group: 5. Jim Frenette (19 points), 6. Frank Mejia (18 points), 7. Matt Schwam (12 points). Second Group (leaders): 1. Leon Anderson (23.5 points), 2. Tom Nelson (22 points) 3. Chuck Petrilla (21.5 points), 3. Bob Hoff (21.5 points).

Weather – 50-60 degrees, not much wind at all but a little light rain and a steady mist prevailed all day.

Points Total
1. Leon Anderson 19 42.5
2. Bob Hoff 20 41.5
3. Frank Mejia 22 40
4. Jim Frenette 15 34
5. Chuck Petrilla 10 31.5
6. Matt Schwam (FNG) 17.5 29.5
7. Tom Nelson DNP 22

Frank Mejia started the final round with birdies on the first 2 holes for 7 points. Frank’s steady play with 18 points on the front nine had him in first place with 36 points. Leon Anderson was in second with 33.5 and Bob Hoff in 3rd with 31.5 – The Mulligan Championship was up grabs going into the back nine on Sunday.

Saturday, November 4th — 1st Round, Blue Mash Golf Course, Laytonsville, Maryland

First group: Chuck Petrilla, Bob Hoff, Matt Schwam.
Second group: Jim Frenette, Leon Anderson, Frank Mejia, Tom Nelson.

1. Leon Anderson 23.5
2. Tom Nelson 22
3. Chuck Petrilla 21.5
Bob Hoff 21.5
4. Jim Frenette 19
5. Frank Mejia 18
6. Matt Schwam (FNG) 12

Mulligan Modified Stableford Points

Bogey 1 point
Par 2 points
Bridie 3.5 points
Eagle+ 5 points
Double Bogey+ 0 points

  • Jim Frenette on the 2nd green at Whiskey Creek
  • IMG_20171105_140635
  • IMG_20171105_143232
  • IMG_20171105_094319