2010 WELLMAN CUP Teams Announced

Team Captains Tom Clement (Black Team) and Frank Mejia (Red Team) held the player draft last night (Wednesday, 9/29)
Here are the teams.

Black Team
Tom Clement (C)
Randy Broughman
Mike Campbell
Scott Rush
Andrew Dosik
Bob Hoff
Rodger Baker
Brett Coffman
Red Team
Frank Mejia (C)
Bobby Brunner
Jim Frenette
Jawad Rachimi
Bryan Boston
Roger Waters
Aaron Waters
Chuck Petrilla

It’s a Ryder Cup format, a team against team challenge.

We have two 8-man teams playing at four of the premier courses in the Pinehurst area in a Match Play Format through Four rounds – Best Ball, Alternate Shot, Captain’s Choice, and Singles

October 8, FridayTobacco Road, designed by renowned Mike Strantz.   1050 to 1120am tee times
Best Ball (Four Ball) – two-2man teams, all four balls in play. Lowest ball score for the hole will give that team’s ball a point. Move to next hole.

October 9, SaturdayTalamore, designed by renowned Rees Jones.   0756 to 0820am tee times.
Captain’s Choice- one person per team is designated as Captain. Both members of team tee off, as with every shot, but the captain will determine which ball is advantageous and will play team’s next 2 shots from there. Subsequently two shots will occur from one Captain’s ball choice location, until you hole out. Lowest team score from “choice” locations will win the hole. Move to next hole.

October 9, SaturdayMid Pines, designed by renowned Donald Ross.   2:12 to 2:39pm tee time (sunset is at 7pm).
Alternate Shot – Two-2man teams, one ball in play per team. Whomever tees off at # 1 will have to tee off at all odd number holes, the other member tees off the even number holes. You alternate hitting your team ball from tee until you hole out and whatever team has a better score will win the hole. Move to next hole. (It moves pretty quickly as there is only one ball in play per team, and please reserve saying “Sorry” for each partner may end up saying it a hundred times!!)

October 10, SundaySouthern Pines Country Club (1906), designed by renowned Donald Ross.   0916 to 0940am tee time.
Singles – your Team Captain will match you against the other Team Captain’s challenger. One-on-one, probably of comparable talent and handicap, hence you will have your hands full to win a point for your team. Eight single matches going on, eight points on the table for the taking. This is the make or break day for your team.