SHOCKER In Pinehurst!!!!

2013 Wellman Cup

Ryder Cup format for The BGA

Contributed By Mark “Ace” Chester

A heavily talented and apparently over-confident Navy team succombed to a rag-tag group of brash and over-achieving Army golfers led by the Grandfather of the BGA and aged Army veteran Frank “Spank” Mejia.

It should be noted that Mr. Mejia is currently under investigation for use of performance enhancing drugs including: Viagra, Cialis, ibprofen, guarana seed extract, and traces of a Puerto Rican energy drink called “Cahones del toro”. Although not currently suspended and denying all allegations, Mr. Mejia has refused to provide the additional 6 bodily fluids requested by the governing body of the BGA. It should be noted that the Navy’s team captain, Mark “Ace” Chester, is also the chairman of the BGA Performance Enhancing Drugs Prevention Committee, and immediately upon the posting of the Wellman results filed the grevience.

Mr. Chester provided the following comment via phone, “There’s no way a guy that old could hit a golf ball that far without being jacked up on something. I saw him drinking a bottle of something labelled in spanish and when I asked him what it was he said it was from the balls of a bull!”

Frank’s recap…

Two 10 man teams honoring the military this year in a classic Army vs. Navy match up
Note: a tribute to adulthood, all 20 men showed up and ready to play. If you missed this event, you missed a good one!


Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst, NC

Weather: Perfect golf weather….
Friday – sunny/low 70’s;
Saturday – cloudy/cool, and cleared late;
Sunday – crisp 48 degree start under clear sunny skies, warming to mid 60’s

The pairings, the matches, the action;
(Disclaimer: there was no betting, no payouts or money in these matches that was ever recorded; or it would have to be reported to IRS.)

1st Round – Four Ball (Best Ball) – Pinehurst # 1 – the classic Donald Ross designed course that started it all in 1895-1898. What better way to start the matches by putting up the Army-Navy Captains match as the first match of the day and Wellman Cup.

Representing Army was Wellman Cup Captain Frank Mejia, an Army combat veteran of the 101st Airborne from Vietnam campaign, playing with him is retired Army Colonel Steve Scott that served in the Iraq War directing Army medical services in the Iraq war campaign.

Representing Navy is Wellman Cup Captain Mark Chester, a retired Navy Commander of Surface Weapons & Naval Operations, and playing with him in only his 2nd BGA event is David King, also a retired Navy Commander of Surface Weapons & Naval Operations.
After a toss of the tee, Navy had tee box honor and wasted no time in taking a 4 up lead on Army through 10 holes. The short story is that Army came back and was down one with #18 to play, a must win. Navy was definitely set for a par on the par 5 – lying four with just a tap in. Army had an uphill 12 footer left-to-right turn at end of putt for the birdie. Mejia made the putt! ALL SQUARE and bearing just a ½ point for each team. That set the tone for the first day.

Second match was between Army’s two FNG’s – Les Ruppel and Rick McQuiston taking on Navy’s veteran BGA players Randy Broughman and Scott Rush. Looking at the card shows a quick surge by Navy of 4up thru 10, and then pulling Navy back to 3 up but went dormie at 15 with 3 to play and to lose 4/3. Navy has 1 full point.

Third match was a mix of FNG and veterans – Army presented veteran Bob Hoff with FNG Keith Ruppel (yep, Les’ son, we had a father/son showing) playing against Navy’s BGA veteran Mike Cravens and FNG Mark Row (flew all the way in from Chicago for this event). Looking at the card, it must have been an impressive match for it was a see-saw of leads….Army up, then Navy makes it All Square and it was that way thru 13 holes. On 14, Army took that hole as well as #15 to make it 2 up with 3 to play. Army held on and won 2/1 for its full 1 point.

Fourth match was an all BGA veterans match. Navy posted 2011 Spam champion Chuck Petrilla with 2010 Wellman Cup player Andrew Dosik against Army’s 2010 Spam champion Jim Frenette with ‘sometimes I’ll show ‘n play” veteran Rodney Williams. I don’t have the card on this for explicit details, probably Chuck kept the card to frame, but the short is that Navy won this match for another full 1 point.

Fifth, and last match, were the mighty anxious, waiting nearly 40 minutes for their turn to tee it up. Go Army or Go Navy, nay it was the game they wanted. Navy pitted “Too Tall” Jerry Green and FNG (Florida national guardsman) Jeff Braun (flew in from Florida) against Army Vietnam and BGA veteran Rodger Baker and BGA veteran Brett Coffman. Judging from the card, this match was as tight as it gets for 18 holes. Navy took an early 1 up lead, and even made it 2up thru six holes, however by 8th hole it was all square and then the see-saw began. Up one, then even, up one, then even after 17 holes it was all square and now both teams faced the uphill Par 5 18th. Three players made par, but Army’s Rodger Baker sank the birdie for the 1up win. Army gained a full 1 point.

After round one it was Army 2 ½ and Navy 2 ½ and that’s how it should be, tight!

2nd Round – Saturday AM -Two man Scramble (Captain’s Choice) – National Club – a true Jack Nicklaus signature course. Beauty abound with this Nicklaus design, he gave you the first shot, but the challenge for all tees was the remaining shots to green, and then putt the fast greens.

After round two it was Army 6 and Navy 4. Let’s see what Alternate shot will bear.

3rd Round – Saturday PM – Alternate Shot (or “having to saying sorry lots of times”) – National Club – a true Jack Nicklaus signature course. Beauty abound with this Nicklaus design, he gave you the first shot, but the challenge for all tees was the remaining shots to green, and then putt the fast greens.

After round three it was Army 9 and Navy 6.

4th and final Round – Sunday AM – Singles Matches – Tobacco Road – a sinister and challenging Mike Stranz designed course. In 1998, Mike Stranz was quoted “I don’t care if people think my golf courses are too difficult”.

After Final Round it was Army 15 and Navy 10.

Hooorah… from Army, and we couldn’t get Navy to do 10 push-ups, they either scattered or didn’t know how! (bragging rights just kicked in)