2004 SPAM

Tom Clement

Tom Clement – SPAM Champion

May, Hog’s Neck on Friday, Lighthouse Sound on Saturday, and Queenstown (River) on Sunday, Eastern Shore, Maryland

Congratulations to Tom Clement — Mr. Sunday (everyone agreed "Sweet Swing" was a bit of a stretch and will not be used in the same sentence with TC again) – for winning the 2004 SPAM, his 12th BGA Major overall.

Pos. Player Points
1. Tom Clement 35.50
2. Don Drehoff 26
3. Mark Chester 22
4. Frank Mejia 18.25
5. Dale Lay 17
6. Chuck Petrilla 14.25
7. Dietrich Kuhlmann 11.5
8. Kelly Drehoff 0.25

And did you notice, the top four places went to the guys who have won majors in the past? A lot to be said about "learning to win" (in addition to "you can’t win it on Fri but you can lose it" … and "Saturday is moving day" and "the SPAM doesn’t really start until the last 12 holes on Sunday".

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