2017 BGA Dos Equis Cup Teams Announced

Teams are set for the Dos Equis XX Cup. Jim Frenette’s Team "Green Spicy Tacos" vs. Frank Mejia’s "Red Hot Tamales"

"you want more of the good things in life, then stay thirsty my friends"

Green Spicy Tacos

1. Jim Frenette (Capt.)
2. Leon Anderson
3. Eduardo Urrutia
4. Tom Nelson
5. Jerry Green
6. Scott Lacey

Red Hot Tamales

1. Frank Mejia (Capt.)
2. Don Drehoff
3. Vip Mangal
4. Tim Suh
5. Chuck Petrilla
6. Matt Clary

Red Hot Tamale Don Drehoff is fired up after an extensive BGA layoff, "
I want Urrutia … I will be the matador to his bull:"