2020 Chill Out Cup

Manny Geros with the Chill Out Cup Championship Mits on for winning the BGA event
Manny Geros with the Chill Out Cup Championship Mits

To our newest BGA Champion, Manny Geros, Congratulations!!. Despite having a majority of his shots on the putting greens, Manny Geros hung on to win a BGA Championship in his first event.

Saturday, October 31st – Round 1

Wet, slow greens and cool temps made this a very challenging course today. It was 35 degrees and damp when we teed off at 9:30am.

Pohick Bay Golf Course, Lorton, VA

1. Manoli Geros 86    
2. Alan Fontane 88
Leon Anderson 88
4. Frank Mejia 89
5. Jim Frenette 91
6. Bob Hoff 95
7. Matt Schwam 97

On Sunday, November 1, the players gathered in the rain at a very wet Westfield Golf Club. The course was closed for play due to the conditions. We re-scheduled round two for Saturday, November 7th at nearby Penderbrook.

Saturday, November 7th – Round 2

Penderbrook Golf Club, Fairfax, VA

1. Manoli Geros 86 85 171
2. Frank Mejia 89 85 174
Jim Frenette 91 83 174
4. Leon Anderson 88 90 178
5. Matt Schwam 97 100 197

*Alan Fontane and Bob Hoff did not play in round two.

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