2021 BGA Dos Equis Cup Teams Announced

The Bridges Golf Course

Teams are set for the Dos Equis XX Cup. Frank Mejia’s "Blue Team" versus Jim Frenette’s "Red Team" to be contested at The Bridges Golf Club, Friday October 15th – Sunday October 17th. Jim’s team has won the last three Cups while Frank’s team is looking to end the drought.

Red Team

Blue Team

Frank Mejia (Captain) Jim Frenette (Captain)
Mark Chester Leon Anderson
Bob Hoff Dan Saylor
Tom Nelson Al Solis
Matt Schwam Scott Ward (FNG)
Mike Cravens Matt Johnson (FNG)
Jerry Green John Eldridge (FNG)
Scott Lacey Greg Robinson
Pat Keough Matt Clary
Doug Mejia Don Drehoff

"you want more of the good things in life, then stay thirsty my friends"

Dos Equis Cup Results

There have been 6 Dos Equis Cups in The History of The BGA

Jim Frenette’s Team Frank Mejia’s &
Mark Chester’s Team

14 points – Retains Cup 5 points

9 points – Retains Cup 6 points

13 points – Wins Cup 6 points
11 points
14 points – Wins Cup

8 points – Wins Cup 7 points
9 ½ points
10 ½ points – Wins Cup