2007 Kohler

February 2007 — Myrtle Beach is a WOW – wonder of the world. We had super weather and had no temperamental weather for the event, just cool mornings. Great restaurants, great playground for both day and night hawks, and super nice people in that area of the USA.

Final Results After Round 3

Pos. Player Points
1. Randy Broughman +12
2. Frank Mejia +5
3. Bobby Brunner -5
great showing by Bobby from -8
  Steve Scott -5
super final round going from -10
4. Chuck Petrilla -6
5. Scott Rush -7
6. Mike Power -14
7. Mike "fng" Neish -16
8. Mark Trusheim -17
8. Mike Campbell -18
9. Jim Frenette -20
10. Frank "fng" Northrop -25
11. Steve Flynn -35
  Roger Waters -35
  Rod "png" Williams -35
12. Charlie Daimler -42
Results After Round 2
Pos. Player Points
1. Randy Broughman +2
2. Frank Mejia +1
3. Chuck Petrilla -5
  Scott Rush -5
4. Bobby Bruner -8
5. Steve Scott -10
6. Mike Power -14
7. Mike "fng" Neish -17
  Frank "fng" Northrop -17
8. Mark Trusheim -19
9. Jim Frenette -20
10. Mike Campbell -21
11. Roger Waters -25
12. Charlie Daimler -29
  Steve Flynn -29
13. Rod "png" Williams -33
Results After Round 1
Pos. Player Points
1. Randy Broughman 0
2. Frank Mejia -1
  Chuck Petrilla -1
3. Scott Rush -2
4. Mark Trusheim -3
5. Frank "fng" Northrop -5
6. Mike Campbell -7
  Steve Flynn -7
7. Bobby Bruner -8
  Charlie Daimler -8
8. Jim Frenette -9
9. Steve Scott -11
10. Mike Power -12
11. Mike "fng" Neish -14
12. Rod "png" Williams -16
13. Roger Waters -17

WOW – what a great bunch of gentlemen, and players that love golf and camaraderie. Except Trusheim wanted to wear a skirt one night, but hey.

WOW – what a tournament and with great courses in their early spring condition – fast greens, firm fairways, challenging gorse rough, and deep fluffy sand bunkers.

WOW – are we surprised that Randy Broughman won for the 5th time in 7 years, ya think? However, he had to wait to the last 7 holes to win it !!

In looking at the scorecards, there were great matches and good scoring for everyone this early in the season, lot of eighties shooting. Very cool.

WOW – the two FNG players – Frank Northrop and Mike Neish – are great people, good solid players, great story tellers and comics (Neish). Please come back.

WOW – PNG [Rod Williams] stayed all 3 rounds, played well and got the PNG off his back. Some players want to bestow a new nickname of "lighting ROD", hey, maybe it will stick. Others say he can insert a vowel now, an "I" or "O" or "U". Whatever works.

Big WOW – do you believe Mike "Nighthawk" Campbell and Roger "H2O" Waters stayed in Saturday night, in bed by 12:30am. Even had time on Sunday morning to press a couple of clothing items. We got to be talking about someone else, ya think?

WOW – we got sun tanned faces!!! and all thanks to the organizers – Chuck Petrilla and our local host, Scott Rush. A big special thanks to Scott Rush for leveraging your local contacts and business influence to give us the red carpet in Myrtle Beach. WE DO APPRECIATE.

Friday, we played along the ICW (intra-coastal waterway) at Grand Dunes Conditions: sunny, temperature was about 65 degrees with a lot of wind. Everyone had the same challenges and it proved trying and tiring. At the end of the 1st round the leader board was (see table at right). Afternoon and evening were spent in a relaxing and leisurely matter (or at least that’s what I’ve been told to print).

Saturday, moving up day, we played the infamous Tidewater Conditions: sunny, slightly cooler (60) with very little wind. The course played tepid, but it was for the player to take advantage. If not, Tidewater had enough defenses to make you cry.

We assure you that there are a 1000 stories that are not highlighted here from the foursome play and interaction among the players. We only wish we had digital tape and mics of each team passing through the round, then again, it’s best we keep the BGA as is. Meaning, you had to be there to enjoy it!

Once again, afternoon and evening were spent in a relaxing and leisurely matter.

Sunday, final round and with a new course for the Kohler, THE WIZARD. Conditions: cool at 0730 tee time, but ended at 73 degrees. It was quite windy, and course is wide open and attracted a zillion sea gulls at the turning holes.

The final group was Randy (+2), Frank M (+1), Scott Rush (-5) and Chuck (-5). After 10 holes, Randy and Frank were tied at +4 and Chuck was ahead of Scott by 1. Then Randy’s putter got hot and went on a birdie, double bogey, birdie, birdie, bogey, birdie, par tear for the final seven holes. Frank made a valiant effort but was eating dust has Randy pulled away. Of note, after 3rd birdie at hole #14 (actually front side #5), Frank asked Randy "Are you in the mood to repeat last year and give a toss of that putter into the canal?" Randy stated "don’t think so".

Randy finished as champion at +12 and runner-up Frank at +5

Chuck, with nose somewhere for food or drink, played a good game through the day but had no idea were Scott and him stood. At the end, he only sensed that Scott was playing hard and gaining.

At the 18th tee box, it was disclosed that Chuck was -7 and Scott was -9. Scott needed a birdie.

He hit a solid drive, Chuck followed with a drive which went past Scott drive by ten yards. Scott was at 110 yards from the green and Chuck was exactly at a 100 yards. Scott hit his shot to eight feet. Chuck hit a PW to almost the same spot, however, the ball released to the back of the green and had a 24 footer. He told Scott he had one last shot at glory. Chuck putted to about 18 inches. Scott putted next, and after a thorough study and walk around, he made his birdie.

King Kong went bananas, had to be there and seen him.

Chuck has known Scott for almost 30 years and has never seen him so excited or pumped up. He jumped and we felt the earth move. Before Chuck putted, Scott blurted to Chuck "the hole looks as big as a thimble now, Chuckie". Chuck took one look at Frank, and was advised "this is the BGA and now is your time".

Chuck drained the putt for a par which was +1 and beat the the gorilla by a stroke.

All good stuff, once again, we hope that folks will blog about their particular round and interesting story.

Would like to hear something about the final group of Neish (88), Trusheim (87), Frenette (89) and Bruner (86), all good rounds on a new course…had to be some mixing going on!

Gentlemen, once again thanks for making the opening event of the 2007 BGA Tour a success. It was a pleasure. For those BGA members that have not made the opening event – The Kohler – you are missing a gem of a tour stop in Myrtle Beach. Last note, in speaking to the Chairman of the SPAM event, Don Drehoff, a date of June 8 – 10 has been set for the next tour stop in Ocean City, Maryland.